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Belmont Stakes


Fox Sports

The Belmont Stakes is the third and final jewel of the legendary Triple Crown series, and for this year’s 155th running of the race, BGSTR partnered with FOX Sports to design a series of promotions ahead of the event.

Belmont Stakes

Promo Design

When designing for sporting events, turnaround time is of the essence and this was particularly true with the Belmont. As the final race of the Triple Crown series, the Belmont initially had two promos in development in case the winner of the Kentucky Derby was in contention for a Triple Crown bid. However, that ended with the conclusion of the Preakness and we honed in on a single design.

Promo Design

Our shorthand with Fox Sports is a well-oiled machine thanks to many past collaborations, and after doing a design round, we were off to the races. We offered a few approaches based around their edit, and incorporated some big moments into a traditional sports style.

Design Exploration

The bold animations layered over the historic footage of the legendary race transition seamlessly throughout the promo spots. We always enjoy getting our hands on some archival shots and treating that separately to ensure the design feels smooth across the entirety of the edit.

Final Animations

To punctuate the promos we did something special with the Belmont logo and were able to incorporate 3D into the end page. The polish of the 3D logo elevates the look and feel of the promo and brings a little power to the design and the fast-paced spot.

We are always up for the challenge of a fast-paced project with the Fox Sports team and taking on an historic event that is also a fan favorite is something BGSTR is proud to be a part of. Congratulations to the team and also this year’s Belmont Stakes winner - Jena Antonucci, the first female trainer to win in the event’s 155-year history!

Props where props are due


Belmont Stakes
  • Founder, Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • Executive Vice President, Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Sr. Producer
    Kristen Pritchett
  • Creative Director, Designer
    Ross Henderson
  • Design and Animation
    Ivan Viaranchyk
  • Animation
    Conner O’Brien, Brian Landisman, Carl Dempsey